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Why do you need 24/7
legal roadside protection?

Presented by Charlotte Le Maire,
Founder & Partner at LMP Legal.

A seasoned Barrister and Criminal Defence Lawyer with 15+ years of road traffic law expertise; she's the mastermind behind LMP Fleet, offering 24/7 roadside legal protection and comprehensive risk management for all fleet sizes. Nationally renowned in Fleet Risk, Charlotte is your go-to expert for road safety training and practical solutions in the field.

LMP Fleet - 24/7 legal roadside support

Would you know what to do if you received the phone call...

One of your drivers has had a serious or fatal collision.

LMP Fleet - 24/7 legal roadside support

Driving offences are the only 'criminal offence' whereby an officer can take an initial account at the roadside without doing it formally at the police station.
A driver is at their most vulnerable in the immediate aftermath of a serious road traffic accident, and they are liable to guess as to what could have happened and truthfully, they are in no fit state to be answering questions.
Yet - in most cases - this is what is happening up and down the country every single day.

The scene of a road traffic collision

This can have a huge impact on companies whose employees drive for work -  given that they have no control over what their driver says or even where they are until the police decide to release them. The company and senior management team can be incriminated as a result of poor driver management and control at the scene of a collision, It also often results in more expensive compensation claims, which impacts on the insurers, and of course, future premiums for the company.

LMP FLEET - 24/7 Legal Roadside Support

It is no exaggeration to say these cases are literally won - and lost - at the roadside. So how do you change your outcome?

Dedicated Crisis Line


Connecting drivers with a specialist criminal lawyer for advice, representation & protection as soon as a collision occurs, giving both driver and company peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Roadside Legal Support


Whether at the roadside or the police station, we start an early dialogue with the police to protect the driver from the outset, preventing inaccurate incriminating admissions being made.

Representation at police interview


We'll be there to provide representation and advice at the first interview with the police, and help your driver provide a written statement following a legally privileged one-on-one driver interview.

Legal protection for drivers and companies


You'll receive pragmatic advice as to any charges faced and their ramifications, access to critical information in any investigation, and support identifying any factors relating to contributory negligence.

LMP Fleet - 24/7 legal roadside support

Start safeguarding your fleet today.
Request a no-obligation LMP Fleet consultation, tailored for fleets of all sizes.

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