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Navigating Unfair Dismissal.

Lloyds building in London

At LMP Legal, we understand that the workplace can be a complex environment, and issues can arise even in the most well-intentioned situations. The case of Carl Borg-Neal highlights the importance of receiving expert legal guidance when facing unfair dismissal.

Mr Borg-Neal’s situation stemmed from a race education training session held by his employer Lloyds Banking Group, during which, the tribunal heard, he used an offensive racial slur. His subsequent dismissal brought to life the very topic at hand in the training session - the boundary between intent and effect.

Employment Judge Lewis acknowledged the “appalling” nature of the word used, but emphasised the unique circumstances of the case, stating that “no reasonable employer would have dismissed the claimant” in this situation. In considering the intent behind Mr Borg-Neal’s question, and his immediate apology, the judge suggested a more constructive approach could have been to give the employee a warning, addressing the issue whilst allowing him to learn from his mistake.

The tribunal acknowledged that Mr Borg-Neal's dyslexia may have played a role in his choice of words during the training session, and subsequently upheld his claim for disability discrimination.

This case highlights the need for employees to seek professional legal advice when they face a potentially unfair dismissal. At LMP Legal we understand that each case has many unique factors to consider, and we specialise in providing support and guidance to employees who believe they have been unfairly treated. We have a track record of helping individuals navigate complex employment disputes and securing the best possible outcome.

If you or someone you know is facing an unfair dismissal or discrimination situation, please reach out to us for expert legal assistance tailored to your specific circumstances. We're here to help you understand your rights and navigate the legal process effectively.

LMP Legal. By your side.


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